Monday, January 28, 2013

January 27, 2013 Susanne Dyckman Live!

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Susanne Dyckman live in the studio. She shared her book, equilibrium's form, (Shearsman Books, 2007).  We started the discussion talking about the 'serendipitous' process that created this work. In her poetry, Susanne pays great attention to form and space, which is evident in this beautiful book. She talked about the 'poetic problem' which is the impetus for the work; she is often struggling with making the internal external. She shared her new work 'omen,' for which her son's book of Irish Superstitions acted as 'poetic trampoline.'
(Please excuse the few gaps in the recording; we were experiencing some technical difficulties).
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Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13, 2013- Laura Walker Live!!!

It was a pleasure to have Laura Walker join us for a live interview this past Saturday. A large portion of the interview was a discussion of Laura's latest book Follow-Haswed (Apogee Press 2012), which is a collection of collage poems composed from fragments from Volume VI of the Oxford English Dictionary. We discussed the constraint of the project as well as how narrative is utilized within the poems. Her book investigates definition itself, in part by deconstructing the narratives used within the dictionary to illustrate the definitions. Laura shared some new poems-in-progress called Genesis, which are inspired by the cadences of the King James Bible. We ended the interview with a discussion about writing process.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby you're a podcast now!

We're thrilled to announce that Poet as Radio is not only a live show on KUSF in Exile/San Francisco Community Radio, but also a podcast! Like, an in-the-iTunes store podcast!

If you're not familiar with podcasts, they're a convenient way to automatically receive new episodes of audio shows such as Poet as Radio. When you subscribe to a podcast via iTunes or other similar software, new episodes can automatically be downloaded to your computer when they're published, and you can also select which past episodes you'd like to download. Once an episode has been downloaded, it's yours to listen to whenever you like, transfer to a portable media player, etc.

We'll continue to make all of our new and existing episodes available via links on this blog and our archives page, but wanted to offer the podcast as another listening option.

This has been in-the-making for a long time -- to everyone we've told "the podcast is just around the corner," thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy it.

Additional details, including a few frequently-asked-questions, can be found on our podcast page.

January 6th 2013 WE'RE BACK!!!

Happy New Year! The three of us came back into the studio after our holiday hiatus. We have some great interviews lined up for January and February, including Kathleen Fraser, Laura Walker, Susanne Dyckman and Toni Mirosevich. This past Sunday we had a round table discussion about writing and process. We deconstructed the word 'craft.' We discussed our own writing habits, including where we write, how we write and how sound and speech are incorporated. Throughout the discussion, we referred back to our interview with Kathleen, which we recorded on January 5th, and which we plan to air in February.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 2, 2012: Juliana Spahr live!

We closed out 2012 with an in-studio interview with Juliana Spahr, discussing her recent collection Well There Then Now as well as the anthology A Megaphone, which she edited with Stephanie Young.

Juliana Spahr edits with Jena Osman the book series Chain Links and with nineteen other poets she edits of the collectively funded Subpress. With David Buuck she wrote Army of Lovers, a book about two friends who are writers in a time of war and ecological collapse (forthcoming from City Lights). She has edited with Stephanie Young A Megaphone: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism (Chain Links, 2011), with Joan Retallack Poetry & Pedagogy: the Challenge of the Contemporary (Palgrave, 2006), and with Claudia Rankine American Women Poets in the 21st Century (Wesleyan U P, 2002). And several times she has organized free schools with Joshua Clover: the 95 cent Skool (summer of 2010) and the Durruti Free Skool (summer of 2011).

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