Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 16, 2014 Nick Piombino recordings

On November 16th we played poems recorded by Nick Piombino. Nick's work was sent to us by Sara Goldenthal of Strawberry Books in New York. Nick is a poet, essayist and psychotherapist from Brooklyn, NY. He has been associated with the New York School poets of the 1960s and the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets of the 1970s. During the first half of the show we played eight shorter poems and during the second half we played a long piece called "Contradicta." If you would like to read more about Nick, you can find him on Wikipedia. If you would like to schedule an interview with him, you can email at

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014 Stephen Vincent Live!

Today Stephen Vincent joined us in the studio to talk about his book After Language / Letters to Jack Spicer (Blaze VOX Books, 2011). The book includes letters to Spicer interspersed with poems, which  were created when Stephen took Spicer's language and reversed the words. Stephen encountered Spicer's book Language, while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nigeria in the 60s just prior to their civil war. He found Spicer's language 'solid' and he kept this book with him while going through this tumultuous time. He addresses Spicer in the book about also encountering him in Ireland, Scotland and San Francisco. Place plays a prominent role in this work. Stephen critiques Spicer but also speaks to him from a place of love and sadness that Spicer was not able to endure his own life and continue sharing his words with the world.
After the break we talked about Stephen's 'poetry without words,' Haptic art. He finds himself 'pushing my pen around' while listening to poetry or experiencing a place. He is interested in 'how you get inside space.' This art takes the form of singular pieces or accordion folded books (one of which appears in the After Language / Letters to Jack Spicer). As he is in a place, inhabiting it, listening to it, an 'inner solo ' takes over. While we may be channeling outside material when we create art, we also 'bring out own ingredients.' This is 'all about partnering with the world.'

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