Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/10/11: Brian Teare Part 3

Last Saturday we aired Part 3 of our interview with Brian Teare.

This time we discuss the pastoral, the “natural world and the poet’s interior,” Emerson and Transcendentalism’s complicity with environmental destruction, Religion and the queer psyche, coming out, birch trees, Gerard Manley Hopkins, craft, and writing from a subjective position that’s “stained” with Theology.

(In the background we are graced with Albion St. traffic and one very loud cherry bomb!)

In the second half of the interview, Brian reads “Long After Hopkins” from Sight Map (UC Press) and talks about how Hopkins was his “gateway drug” into poetry. Jay also reads Hopkins’ Terrible Sonnet #41 live in the studio!

One thing we didn’t know but weren’t too surprised to learn: Brian was originally trained as a musician and composer!

Click here to listen Part 4 will conclude our interview with Brian Teare and airs this weekend!

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