Monday, June 25, 2012

June 23, 2012 Naomi Ruth Lowinsky live!!!

This past Saturday we were so fortunate to have writer and Jungian therapist Naomi Ruth Lowinsky live in studio to talk about her books Crimes of the Dreamer (Scarlet Tanager Books, July 2005) and Adagio and Lamentation (il piccolo editions, June 10, 2010). She gave us some background on Jung and the ways in which his philosophy informs her work, including the 'shadow aspects' of the personality. In writing, Lowinsky gets inspiration from her muse, The Sister From Below. She writes about dreams, family history and the Shoah (holocaust), using both her narrative and surrealist instinct. Some of her work has been set to music and we hope to play some on a later show. Stay tuned!  Check out Lowinsky's blog at
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