Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013 Susan Gevirtz live!

Today we interviewed Susan Gevirtz live in the studio, discussing two of her books. First, we engaged with her book of poetic essays, Coming Events (Collected Writings) (Nightboat Books, 2013).  This book is divided into three sections and includes work spanning 21 years. Since she is so present in Susan's essays, we had an introduction to Dorothy Richardson, who was the first to write in stream of consciousness. Susan is interested in ethnography as a writing practice and through this lens, was able to analyze Richard's work as a illustration of what it was like to be a turn-of-the-century woman in London. Throughout this half of the interview we tackled 'feminist poetics.'
After the top of the hour we moved into discussing her book of poetry, Aerodrome Orion & Starry Messenger (Kelsey Street Press 2010). The physical book is quite large, giving space to the text which is often spread out on the page. The work deals with the skies and air travel, including the language of air traffic controllers. There is also a healthy helping of mythology which demonstrated an understanding of how planets and stars work. In modern day, different countries own different parts of the sky and this influences the way we negotiate being in the air. We were lucky enough to hear a number of pieces from both Susan's books.
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