Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6, 2014 Don Hagelberg's poetry and roundtable discussion

This Sunday we were pleased to read a text poetry submission by Don Hagelberg. (Thanks Don!) From reading his work we discussed how epigraphs are used in poetry and how the use of quotes illustrates a sense of community, with other writers but also other important social figures. We are reminded of the political aspects of writing and the way in which poetry specifically manifests the act of the witness.
After the top of the hour, we had a round table discussion about our own experience with Poet as Radio. In case any of you were curious, we reviewed how we were initiated into online radio. During our beginning months, we tended to over-prepare for our interviews; we have since learned to scale things down in order to interact with our guests more spontaneously. We are so grateful to have talked to so many wonderful writers. We reflected on how our interviews influence our own writing and how our writing habits have been changed through doing the show. Also, we've found that producing the show means we get to take greater part of this wonderful writing community.
Thank you to all our guests, past and future!
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On a sadder note, we announced the passing of poet and beautiful person, Colleen Lookingbill. We will have a memorial show in her honor on May 25th.

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