Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013 Kathleen Fraser part 1

We sat down with Kathleen Fraser early in January, and are now sharing the lively and inspiring interview on Poet as Radio! This week we played the first part of our talk, when we discussed the visual aspect of Kathleen's poetry. Much of her work is in conversation with visual art. Her book movable TYYPE (Nightboat Books, 2011) is rich in its visual diversity, employing space, form and illustrations. Because she lives part time in Italy, she is also influenced by Etruscan language. She talked about the writing and illustrations she created out of an assignment given to her by Steve Benson; he asked her to write in conversation with the work of French director, Robert Bresson.
We'll play part 2 of Kathleen's interview on February 17th.
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