Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24, 2013: Chris Daniels Part 2

This Sunday we played the second half of our interview with Chris Daniels. During this segment, we talked about Chris's translation work, most specifically that of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese writer who wrote under 81 heteronyms. Through discussing how Pessoa used varying personas in his work, we came to discuss the human personality as other than 'monolith.' We as people are able to change our thoughts and points of view, and for Chris, poetry is a way of working through this fluidity.  Also, the act of translation allows the opportunity to try on another persona. We talked about the considerations of form and language in translation work. The conversations inherent in translation (and in poets' interviews) create a social space for poetry, where a poet can engage with another poet. We were reminded of the fun and beauty in poetry, along with its inherent value, which we should remember if ever we question why we write.
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