Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013 Rodney Koeneke

This Sunday, we played part 1 of our April interview with Rodney Koeneke. Rodney, who, while living in the Bay Area, had been involved with the Flarf Collective, now lives in Portland, where he works as a history professor. His expertise in history is evident in his work, which is chock-full of literary, historical and social references; we follow him as he leaps from obscure factoid to pop-culture gem throughout the poem. Rodney was generous enough to share his forthcoming Etruria (Wave Books, 2014) with us and we hear quite a bit of it during our interview. Just as Napoleon created the territory Etruria, poets create a world within their writing. His work is both complex and conversational.  Rodney is the first poet to discuss Flarf poetry on our show and it was great to hear the social context of this movement. He introduced Urdu writing through reading his 'ghazal.' In closing today, we touched on meaning within poetry and what types of content we allow into our work to communicate meaning.
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