Friday, May 31, 2013

May 19, 2013 Carla Harryman live!!!!

On Sunday May 19th, Carla Harryman did us the honor of joining us live in the studio. The show opens (and closes) with a recording of a performance of Carla's translation of a Theodor Adorno lecture. The lecture addresses how 'New Music' is 'bracketed away' from 'music as a totality' and how this new music strives to address social concerns. In this lecture, Adorno questions the term of 'New Music' while focusing mainly on Arnold Schoenberg. Carla talked about the possible connections between New Music and social critique. We discussed Carla's own relationship to music as well as how her poetry works on the page but also in performance. A little later in the interview, we transitioned to talking about her book of essays and poetry, Adorno's Noise (Essay Press 2008), and listened to examples of how the pieces within allow slippage between these two forms. Carla discusses her 'poetics of negation,' which grapples with the problem of language, it having become a doubtful mode of public communication and discourse (as similarly critiqued by Language poets.) We luckily did not end without hearing some work from this wonderful and complex book.
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