Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 17, 2013 Jackqueline Frost Live

On November 17th, we welcomed Jackqueline Frost into Lightrail Studios to discuss The Antidote (Compline 2013). The book is a long poem divided into four sections. The content deals with the economic and social critiques of the Occupy movement, as well as the pondering of how gender and queer-ness interact with that movement. She talks about how when reading the book now, new meaning surfaces for her from when it was written. The poem emerged after she had done a good deal of critical and theoretical writing, "trying to engage critically with the events that were going on." The fact that the poem was written in reaction to a social movement is evident in the way it interacts with Jackqueline's writing community. She includes other writers in the book through epigrams. She and Evan Kennedy wrote their books (Kennedy's book Terra Firmament just came out from Krupskaya) at the same time and they exchanged their work throughout the process. As has been discussed on earlier shows, we talked about if art and/or poetry can be transformative in the larger society.
At the end, Jackqueline gave information about the queer reading series she is curating, called Red Element, at the n/a gallery in Oakland.
David Brazil's The Ordinary (Compline 2013), is the "twin" book to The Antidote. Jackqueline, Evan and David books are being framed as a trilogy, so check them all out!
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