Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 20, 2013- Avery Burns discusses the Iliad

On October 20th, we had our first reunion show when Avery Burns returned to talk about Homer's The Iliad. We learned how the story is still relevant today. We started off talking about the varied translations and even began the show reading from four different versions. Avery assigned us certain passages to read and questions to ponder in preparation for the show. We talked about the ways in which we as readers may feel disconnected from the characters and moral code in this story. Avery  helped us see the themes at play in The Iliad and how they connect to our more contemporary concerns, as well as how the story surprises the reader by running contrary to typical hero tales. Here, we see an argument against war, an argument that is very present in our modern-day psyche. Towards the end, we got a little Trojan geography lesson. Thanks Avery!
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