Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 12, 2014- Stephen Lloyd Webber part 2

On January 12th, we played the second half of  Stephen Lloyd Webber's interview. We continued our conversation about his book Writing From the Inside Out (Divine Arts 2013). He talked about his work in prose poetry and 'language yoga.' We discussed how yogic figures (or different parts of our ego) can manifest in our attention and our writing. Stephen has trouble 'telling the same story' so uses different practices, like writing twenty books in a year. After our ten minute break, we talked about self-doubt as negative capability. Uncertainty does not have to be anxiety.
Stephen revealed to us how his book got published. He used much of the material he originally compiled for his Writing Immersion Retreat compendium. Through this discussion we talked about why we write, perhaps in an effort to 'affirm the world.' Having a yoga practice helps Stephen have balance in terms of what writing challenges are right for him. Stephen's philosophy of sharing his experience with others is something that emerged for him through his practice. In this vein, he and his wife are creating a home where they will invite people to share their gifts with them and the space. We talked about his wife Jade who is a the yoga teacher and holistic guide for their writing retreats. Towards the end, we heard some more of Stephen's writing.
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