Friday, May 3, 2013

April 28, 2013 Round Table Discussion 4: Writing as Revolution

On April 28th, we sat down to chat amongst ourselves about writing as a revolutionary act. We hope that hearing our discussion will spur our listeners to join the conversation. First we tossed around the idea of 'revolution' itself and the different ways that writing can affect change. Through this conversation, we briefly returned to the subject of audience and how might writing and poetry reach enough people to create societal change. Also, who owns language and where does the poem come from? When we put words on paper, from where do those words originate? How do we strive to be political in our own writing. What attracts us to writing and talking about writing? And lastly, what kind of revolution are we looking for in the world?
This coming Sunday we'll have our first live interview in some weeks, but for now, we hope this round table talk encourages further consideration of poetry and social transformation.
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