Monday, May 13, 2013

May 5, 2013 Tinker Greene Live!

On May 5th poet, and awesome chapbook-maker, Tinker Greene joined us in the studio. We started off the interview talking about how Tinker began making chapbooks of his poetry. Tinker makes his chaps at home, incorporating photographs and art, and passes them out to those who want them. We discussed the tendency towards seriality. Tinker dates most of his poems; this fact led us to discuss time and writing, how time informs process and construction. We had the pleasure of hearing quite a few of his poems read in the studio. As a photographer, Tinker's poetic attention to the visual strongly conveys emotional content without sentimentality. Due to this interplay of the visual and written, his poems end up being inter-media pieces. He trusts that the images that come to him should be gathered in the poem. Tinker gives away his chaps to those who want them so if you can email us or comment on this post, and we can connect you with him. He is creating a new chap so expects to be doing readings soon. Keep your eyes open for announcements!!!!
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